The Jill Necklace

The Jill Necklace


This specialty necklace is a 36" silver plated chain, with metal and rhinestone ribbons charms. An oversized lobster clasp for your mask and a "hope" mantra charm, make this piece unique.  


In honor of my dear friend, it is named Jill. She is an amazing woman! Always positive and hopeful for a cure, she is a breast cancer survivor, a wonderful Mom to 2 boys and true inspiration! 15 years ago, Jill was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. Her journey included years of  participation in research supported trials. Ultimately, new and innovative trial based treatments, saved her life. 



Research continues to find a cure for breast cancer and other forms of the disease. Support is still needed to fund trials which can aid in the fight for saving lives. A percentage of the proceeds from sales of the Jill necklace, will be donated to cancer research.




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