Personalize A Keychain

Keychains for Your Mask


Great for gifts and easy for kids to use! Custom Heartstrings are a colorful, fun way to take your mask with you, everywhere you go!  These personalized Heartstrings are made to carry both a mask and keys at the same time.


Keychains are made to order, with high quality, sueded cord, tassels, charms and nickel free metals. You choose your charms, we design it!


Select from a "Kids" style or "Adults." 


Approximate lengths:

Kids, 6 inches.

Adults, 8 inches.

Options include: Silver, Gold or Bronze metals for initials, clasps and charms.

Charms: Up to 3 initials and 1 symbol or mantra charm. See choices below and select when placing an order.

Keychains - Sueded Cord Color

    Keychains are custom made with nickel free metals, high quality sueded cord and charms.

    Select from "Kids" style or Adults. Options include:Silver, Gold or Bronze metals for initials, clasp and charms.

    Charms: 3 Initials and 1 Symbol or Mantra - see choices and select when ordering.



    For Returns:

    Heartstring Jewels stands behind our handmade jewelry and keychains. Returns will be accepted within 14 days of receipt. Items must be in their original condition: unworn, in the jewelry pouch.  

    Please keep in mind that all jewelry and keychains are handmade. Suggestions for protecting the longevity of your Heartstring:

    1. Keep your item dry. Avoid submerging it in water.

    2. Oils, lotions and perfumes may change the color of your item. Try to avoid direct exposure to your Heartstring with any of these substances. It is recommended to put them on first, prior to wearing your Heartstring.  Heartstring Jewels isn't responsible for discoloration or change in the patina.

    3. Repairs will be provided if your item malfunctions within the first 45 days of receipt, with an email explanation of the issue.

    Any additional questions can be sent to our email address:

    Thank you for your business!

    Molly Seitel, Proprietor 


    Shipping: A flat fee for shipping will be charged for purchases under $50.00.

    Flat Fee: $4.00 for purchases under $50.00.

    Free Shipping: Heartstring Jewels will apply for all purchases over $50.00.

    All taxes are included in the purchase prices listed.